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21st May 2019 
Testimonials and Fees. Therapy room

My current fees are
Woking and Guildford
Individual Counselling-50
Couple Counselling - 70
Therapy Group - 30

"You were there as a constant through some of the most difficult and worst times of my life. I hope I can take your words of wisdom forward in my life and continue to use your guidance for years to come in both my personal life and career". (University student)

"Thank you for your help over these 12 weeks. Even though at times it has made me nervous, I have always felt a release and it has helped me go to the very core of this grief which has felt needed and helpful". (Staff member)

"Thank you for sharing your abundance of knowledge and understanding. I will carry your invaluable teachings with me throughout my career". (Counselling client)

"I just want to reiterate a massive thank you for all that you did in helping me at the end of the last academic year. None of the above would have been possible if we had not have had our meetings and I just wanted to thank you again". (University student)

"I hope to build upon the skills that counselling has given me and go forward with confidence. It has enabled me to have the courage to acknowledge my own needs, which until now I had not been able to do. Thank you again". (Bereaved client)

"Thanks for this. It has been a pleasure having you working with our students again this year. Please say you are coming back next year" (Mental Health manager)

"Thank you so much for my sessions with you. I have really appreciated you listening to me and helping me. I'm sure people say this to you all the time - you are fantastic at your job" (Counselling client)

"Thanks for helping me get through this year". (University student)

"Just wanted to thank you so much for your help. The work we did together continues to pay dividends". (Counselling Client)

"Appreciated the "time" to reflect on me and my life. I will continue this journey. Thank you!!"